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Take a look at the map at World Time Zone to see the difference in hours between your location and your guest(s). Below is a quick guide for common American/Canadian times, but if Europeans (and everyone) could stick to a GMT+/- format, it'd make things easier to work out.

Time Zone GMT Difference
EST -5
CST -6
MST -7
PST -8
Alaska -9
Hawaii -10

Put down as much information as you want to share; Putting down your interests will help to better match you to people wanting to LP a particular genre.

SA Username Skype ID AIM/Messenger ID Location Times Available Game Interests

dshban dshban dshban1 (AIM) Australia (GMT +10) Evening, I suppose Whatever, I'm an attention whore
Captain_duck Captain_Duck (MSN) Netherlands (GMT+1) Every night except saturday Anything except sports & fighting games
Drakkel drakkel Drakkelian (usually not online) USA(EST) Wednesdays & Friday thru Monday, all day (with exception) FPS / RPG / Platformer / Adventure / Simulation / Strategy / Fighting
Syrg SyrgPartosa
(only sometimes, shared mic)
MechN1nj4 (AIM) USA (PST) Evenings/Weekends RPGs / Platformers / Music / Quirky
gwar3k1 None SAGwar3k1 (AIM) UK (GMT) Evenings
Platform / Action / RPG
(never opened, contact me by AIM first please!)
greatraocow (AIM) CAN (EST) Evenings
Platform / Action
LordMune lordmune lordmune@...(MSN) SWE (GMT+1) Evenings/Weekends
madamluna madamluna Lapinebreeze (AIM) USA (GMT-5) Evenings/Weekends
Platform / Adventure / RPG / Weird
Colander Crotch Vallhallan Vallhallanhb (AIM) USA (PST) Evenings/Weekends
All except Racing
medibot viciousweasel viciousweasel (AIM) USA (EST) Weekends Platform
Zutaten Zutaten SQ174 CAN (MST) Mon-Fri Evenings
Whatever you need me for
Doctor Roosevelt rooseveltmd Dave or Janus (AIM) USA (GMT-5) Evenings All
Garfield - Der Film golden315
golden31515 (AIM)
Good luck getting ahold of me this way
CAN (MST) Evenings I hate you *All*.
Duke of the Bump cornersheep Duke of the Bump USA (EST) After midnight Tue-Fri, any time Sat-Mon Everything except sports, RTS, racing, fighting
Cotton B. Gross cottonbgross HndsomPete (I'm rarely on) USA (EST) Weekends, evenings (with some exceptions) Action, platformers (espcially NES/SNES)
Cooked Auto Cooked Auto Cooked Auto SWE (GMT+1) Evenings/Weekends Action / RPG / RTS
Luisfe Luisfius (rarely opened. Contact on AIM if unavailable) Loosfrm (AIM)
Adventure, RPG, Shmups, Platform, Action

Next Tangent Next_Tangent I'm in the IRC channal always UK (GMT) Evenings Everything really
GammaShade gammashade eurousventulus (AIM) USA (EST) Evenings/Weekends
Kung-Fu Jesus kungjewfesus proteankungfu USA (EST) Whenever RPG, Adventure, Platform
b00n ph33r_my_1337_t4lk1ng_5k1ll2 Reversen00b CH
Cheeseball IV Cheeseball IV Check the IRC USA (EST) Evenings/Weekends Whatever
Oyster Mega_Starky Unistuff USA (EST) Any Time Ever All but sports
Adinsxyz Graceofseppuku Graceofseppuku (AIM), USA (EST) Weekday Afternoons, Sunday Whatever

Deceased Crab
DeceasedCrab KapcomS (AIM) USA(EST) Evenings/Weekends Epics and Anguish
The Taxman taxman4889 MoooTaxman UAS (EST) After 3 weekdays, Afternoons Weekends Everything minus sports and fighting
Blackbelt Bobman blackbeltbobman Dekarzombie12 USA (EST) Weekday Evenings and Sundays RPG's mostly, some action/adventure shiz
Glazed Child irlzaphod irlZaphod (AIM/MSN/Yahoo/IRC) IE (GMT) Evenings/Weekends All really
Auriga constantsmileyman (MSN) UK (GMT) Evenings/Weekends
All, especially platformers
MissileWaster missilewaster Message on Skype, maybe IRC channel USA (CST)
Wednesday from 3:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Sunday whenever
other days after 8:00 pm-ish
Pretty much everything that isn't a sports game (other than Mario sports games)
Frankomatic frankomatic2007 grisif (AIM), frankomatic_2000 (yahoo) USA (EST) After 5 PM Monday through Thursday, anyime Friday through Sunday (usually). Just about anything, big fan of the really obscure stuff though.
Wugga wuggake wuggah (AIM), FI (GMT+2) All the time Anything but sports games
Twi IntoTwilight GoldenFreak (AIM) UK (GMT) Evenings Anything
Vprisoner Vprisoner tehvprisoner (AIM) USA(CST) Evenings Take your pick.
deathz0r UDdeathz0r (contact me on AIM or IRC first) deathz0r (AIM) AUS(GMT+10!) Whenever I'm not away on AIM Anything, but I prefer weird shit
OatmealRaisin OatmealRaisin (contact me on AIM first) doingabarrelroll (AIM) USA (EST) Evenings Pretty much anything, especially RPGs, action/adventure games, and co-op shooters.
Rosoboronexport anqquri (MSN)
FI (GMT+2) Evenings/Weekends
Regdren Regdren Colermath (MSN) USA (EST) Evenings/Weekends Anything except online RPGs
brehonia brehonia (MSN) UK (GMT) Evenings/Weekends Whatever
TheWanderer TheWanderer2995 (always try AIM first)
bmpie2995 (AIM)
USA (EST) Some weeknights, all day Sat, Sun, and Mon Anything but especially RPG, Action, and Platformers
Daerc alazius daerc (AIM) USA (PST) Evenings/Weekends
Joats Joats-
johdoh2000 (AIM)
USA (GMT -5) Evenings
Mostly FPS, but anything really.
Melaneus Melaneus
mmelaneus(Yahoo) (MSN)
USA(PST) Evenings/Weekends Platformers, Stupid stuff
Casao Draecas draecas (AIM) USA (EST) Pretty much anytime Pretty much everything.
Komrade Konfusious gremface undercoverfjord NOR (GTM+1) All the time
Everything except sports and online RPG games.
Static_Fiend static_fiend Securetron (AIM) USA (PST)
Garin garin-sa NiSorewa (AIM) USA (CST) Afternoons/Weekends
Der Metzgermeister sa-metzgermeister (contact on AIM first) AChildofEve USA (GMT-5) Varies. Contact me on AIM or message on Skype.
RPGs, platformers, FPSs
Lairek wowlairek (msn) DK (GMT+1) Evenings after midnight GMT Anything other than sports
Proton Jon protonjon ProtomanCharger (AIM) CAN(MST) Whenever I'm around pretty much
Just about everything
inertiaticsp sainertiaticsp inertiaticsp (AIM) USA (PST) Mostly all the time. Anything
Blister SABlister SABlister (AIM) USA (EST) Mornings and Nights
Anything that isn't a RPG
Dr.Tree dr.treemando DarndoMcRo (AIM) USA (CST) Evening/Weekends Anything but sex games.
13/f/cali Cali13LP (not on often, IM me first) Cali13LP (AIM) USA (EST) Night, early morning. I'm nocturnal. Romhacks, mean/hard games, jrpgs.
Sartak sartaklp xxsartakxx (AIM) USA (EST) Evenings and weekends Not sports
Rirse rirsedeblood Rirse (AIM) USA (EST) Night, but usually in the IRC Channel RPG, Platformers, Strategy Games
Feinne worldeaterfeinne WorldEaterFeinne USA (EST) Most nights RPGs, SRPGs
Argon_Sloth argonsloth (Not usually on, IM or /msg me first via the IRC channel) Canada (EST) Most nights
Up for anything.
Clownbirth drangryface siregnv USA (CST) Nights Give me a ring, yo
Mr. Snack Mr.SnackMan MrSnackMan USA (EST) Most nights if I'm on Skype/AIM Anything really
Eela6 Efron_Licht (MSN)/EfronLicht (AIM) USA (GMT-8) Random. Actually fun things; Platformers; CRPGS
Techokami Techokami (MSN)/IRC USA (GMT-5) Afternoons and evenings, (usually) all day during weekends Anything except sports
AccountingNightmare None (e-mail) Australia (GMT+9:30) Australian evenings Anything but RPGs
Rock Tumbler none yet Hygraed (AIM) USA (GMT -6) Evenings Pretty much anything except strategy games and JRPG's
Coughing Hobo Coughing_Hobo The Namnesor (AIM) CA, USA (GMT -8) Pretty much all the time, check for me on AIM before Skype RPGs, mostly, but I'm up for anything