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Created by Cyberdreams in 1994, Darkseed features art work by H.R. Giger and puzzle design by Satan.

It's a ridiculously hard adventure game in which the protagonist, Mike Dawson (who stars in, designed, and directed the game) gets an alien embryo implanted in his brain and has three days to extract it before it bursts out of him. Because of its time limit, and numerous ways to render the game unwinnable, Darkseed is exceedingly difficult. It's abandonware and can be gotten from The Underdogs, should you desire to play it.

There is also a CD version of Darkseed in which all descriptive text is vocalized - the game's creepiness is nullified by the horrendous voice acting, however.

If you're interested in the Darkseed LP, you may also like:

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_LP Author's Notes:_

_Though I wanted Snatcher to be my first Let's Play thread, I had some technical difficulties and after seeing Vlaphor's "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream" LP thread (a game also designed by Cyberdreams), I settled on Darkseed. I e-mailed the game designer, Mike Dawson, in an effort to interview him about the game and though he replied, he never followed up with me._

_According to some posters in the thread, there is a way to make Mike Dawson's head explode, but I was unable to do so - even after waiting the 3 days without taking aspirin. After consulting FAQs, walkthroughs, and a few Internet forums, I'm not able to replicate the head explosion, if it is indeed present._

_Tools used in the LP include DOSBox to take screenshots (PNG) and video (AVI)._