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Darkseed 2

Following the events of Darkseed, Cyberdreams' Darkseed 2 (which was not designed by Mike Dawson) follows the events of our hero, Mike Dawson (this time not played by the real Mike Dawson from Darkseed 1) one year after his encounter with the Dark World aliens. Mike is the prime suspect of a murder in his home town, and his quest to prove his innocence will once again take him into an alternate dimension.

Artwork was licensed by H.R. Giger, though it's unlikely there's anything original produced for the game.

The abandonware version of Darkseed 2 contains no cutscenes and no voice acting. This is not the preferred version - I found an ISO of the original CD via Google. Since Darkseed 2 is abandonware, it should be legal - it's just that the ISO is large enough that not many would want to host such an obscure game.

Though world's better than Darkseed 1, the sequel takes forever to get going and once it does... well, let's say it can be a little disappointing at times.

_LP Author's Notes:_

_Urged... okay, well asked... to LP the sequel to Darkseed, I played through the game and noted that there were large gaps in the plot. Specifically, after a hypnosis session, the psychiatrist asks your character what he saw. You're presented with a few choices of how to respond, I was puzzled - they never showed what happened in the hypnosis session! Was it Darkseed 2's way of being clever? Or did I not have the full version?_

_The answer was the latter. Vlaphor attempted to provide me with a torrent of the CD version of the game, but I managed to find it via Google. After watching the cutscenes, which are simply encoded in Quicktime on the CD - especially after one iconic moment in particular - I knew that I had to LP it._

_Darkseed 2 also started the strange head-explosion (headsplosion, coined by Rose Wood) trend in my LP threads_